About Us

Who we are


We are a group of local councillors, church groups and community groups who are coordinating the offers of help and requests for help in our community due to the coronavirus pandemic.

 We formed in order to provide a trusted, central point of contact for everyone so the right help can be safely given.

if you need help or know someone in need in Holditch, Chesterton, Crackley, Waterhayes, Mitchell's Wood  Wood or Red Street  please get in touch.

Can you help?

We are  looking for volunteers to help us  build a network of street champions. These are people who will keep an eye on neighbours who are need support and practical help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Please sign up and become a street champion

Do you need help?

 If you need help please contact us and we will put you in touch with someone who lives close to you and can act as a supportive friend.  

We will ensure that safeguards are in place so that you know the help you receive is from a trusted party.


Help support us

We appreciate everyone is struggling at this challenging time but even if you have just £1 to spare it will make a difference. Donate what you can afford via our paypal account. Thank you so much. 

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